Help Desk

You are reminded that this site was designed to support undergraduate subjects - primarily OR subjects in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, at the University of Melbourne. Thus, our help desk will be dedicated primarily to these subjects.

This does not mean to say that we shall not be able to help you if you are not enrolled in these subjects. It only means that the site was not designed to support visitors. So although visitors are welcome, the help we can provide them is limited.

You are also reminder that officially the site will be in a "development" state till the first semester 0f 2000. Until then we shall not be able to provide extensive help.

What all this means?

You are basically mostly on your own, mate!

This message is not intended to discourage you from using the facilities on the site and contacting us in case you need help. Rather, it is a reminder that your expectations with regard to this matter should realistic and in line with the state of the project.

All communications concerning Help Desk should be sent via e-mail to

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