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Short Profile

I am a slightly overweight, mature, male, retired academic. A former member of the Operations Research (OR) group at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Melbourne. I am still affiliated with the Department (now School) as a Principal Fellow (Associate).

Now that I have retired, I have more time for my research work in the areas of dynamic programming, decision-making under severe uncertainty, composite concave programming, water resources planning, and interactive computing and modeling.

In case you plan to invite us for dinner/lunch, please note that my wife and I are vegetarians, but do not make a big fuss about it.

The formal details are as follows:

Full name: Moshe Sniedovich
Age: 78 + years young
Weight: A bit pregnant right now
Marital Status : Happily Married
E-mail: moshe at moshe-online dot com

Places where I have spent extended periods of time:

ColorTime spent in that locationlocation(s)
over 27 yearsIsrael
over 10 yearsPretoria, South Africa; Melbourne, Australia
over 4 yearsTucson, Arizona, USA
over 1 yearPrinceton, NJ, USA; Yorktown Height, NY, USA
over 1 monthHalifax, Canada; Hong Kong; Braunschweig, Germany; Rotterdam, Holland; Canberra, Australia
two weeksRio de Janeiro, Brazil

Do not panic if your city is not included in this list. We can fix this very eaasily.

Some comments regarding my name are appropriate.

My first name - Moshe - is Moses in Hebrew (not French!). My last name should be pronounced something like Schnaidovitz. This is neither the place nor the time to explain the origin of this error. For all practical purposes you can call me Moshe.

Disclaimer: This page, its contents and style, are the responsibility of the author (Moshe Sniedovich) and do not represent the views, policies or opinions of any organization he is affiliated with..