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International Interdisciplinary Center For Information and Fact Checking about Info-Gap Decision Theory
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The rise and rise of voodoo decision making

About the IF-IG Center

At the end of 2006 I launched a campaign to contain the spread of info-gap decision theory (IGDT) in Australia. The campaign was very successful, and was essentially dormant since 2014.

Recent events in Australia and elsewhere indicate that there is an urgent need for an organized effort to provide information and fact checking services regarding new publications, including books and peer-reviewed journals, that ignore the well documented fundamental flaws in IGDT.

At the end of 2021 I decided to established an international center dedicated to providing the public information and fact checking facilities regarding the major fundamental flaws in IGDT.

So here we are!

The project's HQ is located in Melbourne, Australia, and relies, at this stage, primarily on the extensive research works that I have done since 2003 in this field.

This project is, and will remain, a grass root effort. Anyone interested in joining this exciting project should feel free to contact me by email.

Melbourne, Dec 29, 2021