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The rise and rise of voodoo decision making

The Rise and Rise of Voodoo decision Theories

On this site the term "voodoo" is used in a manner similar to its use in phrases like "voodoo economics", "voodoo science", "voodoo mathematics", and so on. Observe that in the Merriam-Webster dictionary we read:

So, in this discussion, the term voodoo decision theory is used to describe a theory that is based on extremely unrealist, delusional, perhaps even contradictory, assumptions. For the record, the notion "voodoo decision theory" apparently dates back to this text

The behavior of Kropotkin's cooperators is something like that of decision makers using the Jeffrey expected utility model in the Max and Moritz situation. Are ground squirrels and vampires using voodoo decision theory?
Brian Skyrms (1996, p. 51)
Evolution of the Social Contract
Cambridge University Press.

In this page we plan to expolre the attributes that make voodoo decision theories so attractive. IGDT will be used as a prime example of a living voodoo decision theory.

Until then, you can take a tour of the Voodoo decision making directory on the old site.