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The rise and rise of voodoo decision making


The new campaign will continue to review publications on IGDT with a view to raise awareness of the fact that many publications on this theory completely ignore major fundamental flaws in the theory and depict a distorted view of the state of the art in decision making under severe uncertainty.

These reviews will focus on the following issues:

Unfortunately, these questions must be raised quite often, so you will find essentially the same commentary on these issues in a number of reviews.

The following reviews have been completed. I recommend that Review 1-2022 be read by all visitors, and that Review 2-2022 be read by all visitors who are interested to know why IGDT is fundamentally flawed. Since I try to make each review as self-contained as possible, there are recurring themes in these reviews.

Your comments on these reviews will be greatly appreciated.

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The rendering of mathematical symbols/expressions/equations (by LaTeX) in these reviews require your browser to support a recent version of JavaScript (see https://www.mathjax.org/ for details). Most of the popular browsers are fine on desktop computers. So make sure that JavaScript is enabled on you browser. I am testing the reviews on a mac desktop with Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari. I have not checked how things work on mobile phones. You can check your browser right here and now. It should display below the famous LaTex logo at the center of the next line.

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Your comments on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Under preparation is a list of publications to be reviewed soon. Note that, as always, we are particularly interested in peer-reviewed articles and books. Here is a partial list of candidates.

I shall be pleased to consider other publications. Feel free to send us your candidates.

You might also wish to take a quick look at old reviews. Keep in mind that these reviews are quite old and therefore don't be surprised to find some (hopefully very few) broken links. Please report to us of such links.